I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic for treatment on my right knee on the 5th of March 2020. My right knee was troubling me. I suffered from pain all the time and my range of motion was limited. I refused to take pain medication although I probably needed to sometimes. Because my knee was so bad, I was consider-ing having a knee replacement operation. Now, after the treatment I have very little pain and my range of movement has improved a lot. Dr Gehad is very impressive, professional, and courteous, he explains what the treatment involves in plain English. I am recommending his treatments to many of my friends.



I saw Dr Gehad for a treatment on my right knee in April 2019. Before the treatment I was hobbling and in a lot of pain, so I had to give up some of my favourite pastimes such as walking and karate. Today I am much better. I know I would not be able to go back to playing squash again as a young man, but I’m walking and doing things I like to do. The pain relief has been fantastic. It has worked perfectly for what it is advertised to do and that is to take away pain. Dr Gehad is genuinely nice.


Dorset in the Uk

came from Monaghan to see Dr Gehad in February 2020. Both hips were troubling me, and I was in pain every day andcouldn’t sleep at night. It was affecting my ability to work, I couldn’t walk much and I was having difficulty getting in and out of my van. I was also regularly taking pain medications. I was told my only hope was to have hip replacements.



My name is GaryI travelled all the way from County Down coast to see Dr Gehad in June 2018 for treatment on my knees. I was 54 years of age when I told by a leading knee surgeon in Belfast I needed 2 full knee replacements, but that I wouldn’t get one until I went back to him ‘crying in pain!’ (his words) and he assured me that I would be. I was not very satisfied and started to do some of my own research into alternative treatments. I had seen that regenerative treatments were available in the US, and then I found Dr Gehad who is our only practitioner to offer the service in Ireland. When I first visited Dr Gehad getting around in daily life was becoming increasingly difficult and walking slightly painful. NowI am 65y and almost two years aftertreatment and I have improved considerably, and I am back doing long walks regularly, maybe 10 miles or more each day! (My dog is delighted).I had the treatment done twice on both knees as my left knee wasn’t improving as much as my right knee and he made no charge for the second procedure, that proved to me that he cared and was not just in it for the money. He wanted me discharged from his clinic feeling happy with the results. I have recommended his treatments to many friends.


County Down Coast

I travelled from Cavan to see Dr Gehadin Cork. I had been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease and complaining of pain in my calves after only 5 minutes of walking. I play golf and I was spending a lot of time concealing my disability from my playmates, in other words I was stopping to admire the views and various other ways of disguising my problem. I was treated by Dr Gehad 2017 and to this date in 2020 I am feeling much better and I can walk longer without pain. I then also got my hips treated they have improved considerably especially the left one. The clinic atmosphere was great, I would really look forward to going to see Dr Gehad i must say he has a good team assembled and they are most helpful and cheerful.



I’m Oscar and I am from Kilkenny in Ireland. I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic in November 2017. I had treatment for my knees, thumbs and hips. Prior to seeing Dr Gehad, I was on strong pain medication including morphine. I was due to have a knee replacement, however my orthopaedic consultant in Kilkenny referred me to Dr Gehad as an alternative treatment as I was against the surgery. Post treatment I noticed an improvement quite quickly however, it took 9 months to really feel the benefit in my knees. Now two years later I’m feeling much better. I honestly think going to Dr Gehad was the best decision I ever made



I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic for treatment on my knees in October 2018.   My knees were very painful and creaky and my right knee was worse than my left.  I found moving around was difficult and so I couldn’t do gardening any more.   Also, I was regularly taking pain medication.  Although, Dr Gehad didn’t guarantee 100% success, I am very pleased with the result.    I have no pain in my left knee now, just a little odd creak in the right. and am back in my garden again!    The staff in the clinic were very pleasant and Dr Gehad was very ethical and honest.  I would recommend his treatments to my friends.


Dr Gehad's

I attended Dr Gehad for treatment on both my knees in October 2019. I have been a farmer all my life, and now at the age of 75 my daughter and her husband have taken over the farm but I still help out 7 days a week.  My left knee has been giving bother for years and finally after an X-ray in May 2019 I am on an 18-month waiting list for joint replacement of that knee. For me, my knee was the most painful in bed. I had not had a full night’s sleep in years.  I took painkillers every day and tried various creams and gels (some for the cows!). When working on the farm – walking down hill was a killer. Closely followed but looking after my 3-year old grandson – my back and knees were broke


Co. Antrim

These testimonials do not in any way imply that our treatments are 100% successful as is the case with any treatment or surgery
elsewhere. We do however exhaust all efforts to treat our patients to their satisfactionbefore
discharging them from our care.